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September 12th through the 17th, 2024


Who’s ready for an adventure?  The fun-tastic duo, FiyaStarta and Bridge, have a dynamic trip planned for you!  Fly into Cali, Colombia… no, not Cartagena, Medellin, or Bogota…. We are going STRAIGHT to the heartbeat of Salsa!!! 


We will be staying in the Cali area … close to museums, shopping, parks, markets, and YES, dancing!  This cultivated trip combines all the concepts we love: wellness, movement, and delicious food! Get ready to immerse yourself into such a beautiful culture.  Our excursions include culture, culinary, and dance.  


What’s included:

~ swag bag!

~ group transportation to and from the airport 

~ lodging 

~ breakfast daily, two lunches, & two dinners at the villa

~ all transportation and entrance fees for excursions

~ wellness retreat day with choice of services (additional services are extra)


Where are we staying:

Tucked away in the countryside, we have an entire villa to ourselves!  Each room has the Colombian version of a Queen bed (think baby Queen... smaller than a Queen but bigger than a Full) , a trundle bed (slightly smaller but not a little bitty twin size), a bathroom, and mountain view!  We have a small lounge pool surrounded by lush greenery and an entire deck of hammocks. The property is secure yet has an open floor plan with both an indoor and outdoor kitchen!  I know y'all are ready to start the day with REAL Colombian coffee and eat these exotic fruits!


We will be one with nature... but with a short ride into the city.  


So what’s on the agenda?


We start each day in the villa with a fresh breakfast and some sort of movement or alternate activity.  Think Soulful Stretch, Yin Yoga, Meditation, etc. It'll be a vibe to set our intentions for the day. 


Do you have any idea how fresh the air is in the jungle?  Well, get ready to kick off your shoes and get grounded with the earth.  We have a unique day retreat filled with all the "healing" things like a sound bath, massage, reiki, yoga, and more.  If you don’t want to do any of that, relax by the pool with some fresh juice! This is in the “wild” so don’t be shocked if there’s wilderness. Let’s literally cleanse our auras in preparation for all the excitement to come!


Yes, we start the trip off with a wellness day but after that be ready to hit the streets!  Though Cali is not the birthplace of Salsa, it is definitely the place that made it pop off!!!  We will visit numerous historical sites and museums associated with salsa music and dancing! 


Additionally, you know we are hitting the DAY parties, STREET parties, and CLUB parties!!! In Colombia, the dance culture is STRONG!  It’s nothing to see dancers of ALL ages hitting the floor together. One of our evening excursions will be to a Salsa Cabaret which is like a full-on Vegas production with feet moving like hummingbirds and gorgeous dancers literally flying through the air only to be swooped up by the younger versions of Marc Anthony and Antonio Banderas! 


BUT we are not just here for the salsa! Cali is home to some of the most amazing twerkers as well!  Slide into a hip dropping, booty bouncing twerk class that is nothing like New Orleans or Atlanta style! Even if twerk isn't your "thing"... this is a great workout and worth the sweat equity!


Our itinerary is somewhat flexible… if the majority want to hit one of the eco river adventures, we will put that on the books! Listen, we know not everyone is a dancer!  You don't have to be.  This trip has something for everyone. We didn't even tell you about the food....whew!


With both SINGLE and DOUBLE rooms available, snag your spot with this $333 down payment and let us know if you want a SINGLE or if you are bringing a buddy and need a double.  All payments are due by August 12th with at least half by July 12th.

Single: $2500

Doubles $1500 per person


Once you have made your down payment, Bridge will reach out to you regarding the payments for the balance. You can break it down however you want to as long as half is paid by July 12th and the balance is paid by August 12th.


Please note that all sales are FINAL! We strongly encourage purchasing travel insurance as we are not able to refund if you can not make it.  In the event that WE cancel the trip, we will refund payments made to us. 


About us:

FiyaStarta and Bridge are Atlanta-based movers and shakers! They are both business owners who know how to put on a fun, safe retreat!  We have repeat clients at every event and look forward to making you one of them! Learn more about FiyaStarta at and learn more about Bridge at

Cali Take Over

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