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about bridgett

about bridgett

ATL based & loved worldwide

bridgett humphrey, MPA/MPA

owner: chronicles of an electric girl

owner: do the most, synergistic wellness

instructor: Vertical Joe's, Virtual Joe's


Movement & Body Work Certifications/Training

PDT: pole fitness instructor

FeetUp trainer teacher (safe inversions)

liquid motion 1.0 Certified (floorwork)

lapryderz (chair/lap dance)

reviv: movement assessment coach

reviv: fascia release/stretch therapy

foam rolling


bridgett aka the flexibility bae offers online and in-person sessions as either a group or 1-on-1.

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certified since 2019, bridgett serves unique feetup® classes and workshops designed to help you with safe inversions, inversion endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility.


classes & workshops:

  • Fit & Flex (Vertical Joe's Exclusive)

  • FeetUp Basics

  • FeetUp Conditioning

  • FeetUp Flow


everyone wants to be bendy until it's time to do the work! there is no magic but what i offer is foundational concepts that when consistently applied will improve flexibility, mobility, and strength within the movements. it's important to work within safe zones of range of motion, joint ability, and actual muscular flexibility.

classes & workshops:

  • Sexy & Flexy

  • Bust It Wide Open

  • s.l.u.t. geometry


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everything else

my sessions are designed to challenge and empower you to embrace your body through movement. with respect for body positivity and inclusion, i deem myself as the "queen of modifications".


pole fitness

chair dance


foam roll / fascia release



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bridgett: the flexibility bae

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